Lautus Original

Antiseptic hand cleanser

USP grade 70% isopropyl alcohol topical gel.
Kills harmful germs and bacteria.

No fragrance. No coloring.
Product Licensing
NPN 80102386

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture et indisponible.

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The Lautus Original is our antiseptic hand cleansing gel made of 70% pharmaceutical quality isopropyl alcohol without fragrance or color. It is extremely gentle on hands and leaves no residue. It is the ideal version for fragrance-free places such as hospitals, health centers, food processing plants, restaurants, etc.

The Lautus collection has been developed to offer people a high quality, ultra-efficient product in a packaging that is equal to the liquid it contains. We use only natural and/or pharmaceutical grade ingredients, selected and dosed to provide the most pleasant experience for each application. Lautus antiseptic gels are designed to dry in 20 seconds, a time recommended by Health Canada to allow the alcohol to destroy germs and bacteria. The viscosity was chosen to give a pleasant sensation of freshness and to cover the entire surface of the hand with a single application. You will love our Lautus Collection, satisfaction guaranteed!

Proudly made in Quebec, Canada

Product License NPN 80102386.
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Safety Data Sheet (FR)
Safety Data Sheet (EN)


60 mL (6-pack), 300 mL, 300 mL (case), 500 mL, 500 mL (case), 4 L, 4L (case), 20 L


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